Monday, January 6, 2014

Ice Castles

Well, another year has come and gone and just like that it is 2014.  I am hoping this will be our best year yet... and it has already starting off with a bang!  My birthday happens to fall right at the beginning of the new year, so it is always fun trying to think of new things to do around snowy Utah to celebrate.  

This year I was so excited to learn that the Ice Castles in Midway were back in business!  Since I had to work on my birthday (side note: it stinks to grow up and join the real world) we decided to go to dinner on my birthday and save the Ice Castles for the day after. 

Let me tell you, folks:  the Ice Castles did not disappoint.  I had never been but had seen pictures and always wanted to go.  They were SO beautiful, unexpected and magnificent... almost beyond description.  If you haven't had the chance to check them out yet, I would highly recommend them :)  Plus, with the newly debuted movie "Frozen" on the brain, it made it even cooler that I got to feel like I was in one of Elsa's fabulous wintery creations.  

I got a little carried away with taking pictures, but I wanted to try to remember the ambiance and beauty!  I hope you enjoy some pictures and that it probes you to check them out in real life. 

Outside the castles, waiting to go in! 

Some close-up detail of the beautiful icicles! 

Probably my favorite picture from the whole night.  The ice castle seemed to be glowing and the sunset was crazy beautiful!

Once the sun goes down, they turn on some LED lights in the castles and they change colors every few minutes... simply magical! 

If you'd like to learn more about the Ice Castles visit their website here  

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and that your 2014 will be one for the record books! :)


drcutis said...

WOW!!! Clearly mom and I need to go. Nat, those are some of the most surreal, beautiful, magical pictures I've ever seen. You two look amazing in them. Mom wants to wait for Allegra and the kids to come out first. I hope they don't melt too soon…...

allegra said...

Nat I still can't get over how awesome these photos are. Holy crap!!!!! The color of the ice reminds me so much of the glaciers we climbed in Alaska. Breathtaking! your photo skills are the bomb!


Emily Curfew said...

hi i'm allegra's friend :) just wanted to comment on how much i LOVE these photos you got from the ice castles! so artsy. photography must run in the family? we went to these castles in january as well, and they were so cool in person. you really capturing amazing photos here. especially with the pretty sky behind ice.

McKell said...

you should update your blog with cute pictures of your precious baby :)